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marketing, automation

Increase your ROI with these these nine tips.

9 Ways to Maximize Your Marketing Automation Platform Investment
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technology, data, automation

Is your technology doing everything it can to help you do your job? Or do you spend half your job doing work that tech could do for you? If it’s the latter, then maybe it’s time to revisit your processes.

Do you work for your tech, or does it work for you?
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membership, marketing, engagement

“I know I should be doing engagement scoring, but I don’t know where to start.” If this is you, then I have good news. Starting isn’t that difficult.

It’s past time to jump into engagement scoring
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membership, marketing

That depends—do you want to be able to keep track of your members when they leave their current jobs? Do you want to be able to market directly to them in ways other than email? Do you want to offer them choices on how and where they get their emails? Then yes, it’s important.

Is a Second Contact Email Really Important?
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membership, marketing

Post pandemic expectations mean your members expect to have online options for everything, and targeted communication is more important than ever. 

How are Other Associations Approaching Post-Pandemic Marketing?
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data, membership, technology

Wrap up of our 3-part webinar series that covered the basics of member data and how to turn that data into actionable information.

5 Things to Know Before Starting a Member Data Project 
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engagement, membership, marketing

On a recent episode s of the Member Engagement Show podcast, Annie Henderson walked us through what it’s been like to make the transition from member-targeted marketing to corporate partnerships and sponsorships.

A Journey: From Member Marketing to Corporate Marketing
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procrastination, worklife

There’s a wonderful saying that’s plastered on office walls, sticky notes and cubicles all over the world: “The best way to get something done is to begin.”

You can’t finish what you don’t start
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technology, hybridwork

It’s Monday morning, you’re not fully awake yet, and you have your first meeting. But it’s fine—you’ll just leave your camera off. No big deal. Or is it?

The Zoom On/Off Camera Debate
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marketing, membership

How trustworthy is your email marketing? Step into your member’s shoes and see if you’re following these 7 golden rules to earn their trust.

The 7 Golden Rules of Member-Centric Email Marketing
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membership, technology, marketing

If you don't have automation continuity in place, then  you may very well be feeling the cost of not deciding to invest in creating those automated processes.

Continuity in the Time of the Great Resignation
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Walk through a year of member-centric communications with me to see how a personal, automated approach can engage members.

Step Into Your Member’s Shoes: From Onboarding to Renewal
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